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Twenty Three Things Which People Don't Realise Are 100% Gay Culture

Posted by Sam Caoile on

Ok let's be honest, all these 100% gay culture and you've done at least one!

1. Walking fast:

2. Not sitting in chairs properly:

Tumblr: lover-r / Twitter: @harleivy / Via / Twitter: @harleivy

3. Standing like this:

4. Forgetting people's names:

And know which episode of RPDR this screencap is from.

5. Helping your mom and aunts clean up after dinner:

6. Drinking iced coffee year round:

Instagram: @joegunn90 / Via

7. Doing this every single time:

Twitter: @sadkxit / Via Twitter: @sadkxit8. Shortening your name as much as possible:

10. Lurking in the Activity feed on Instagram:

11. Avoiding this question:

12. Knowing a bop when you hear one:

Twitter: @Christian_Zamo / Via Twitter: @Christian_Zamo13. Identifying with Ursula instead of Ariel:

14. Communicating telepathically with other gays:

15. Ignoring the weather when getting dressed:

16. And always rolling up your t-shirt sleeves:

17. Having a gay autocorrect:

18. Making this mistake:

19. Choosing Princess Peach:

20. Playing this game every time you fly:

21. Being shirtless:

Instagram: @TheOfficeGay / Via

22. Knowing where to look on Wikipedia 👀:

23. And finally, counting in threes:

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