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Camo Freak
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Im a total camo freak! And i like that they have an all camo collection. Easier for me to find what i am looking for. The tank top is a bit too tight so I suggest you order a size bigger. The swim trunks fits perfectly tho! Its one sexy swim trunks too i gotta say

Skull Sneakers
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This Skull sneakers are dope! The gold skull and zipper accent makes it one of a kind. I also like its convertible front. Totally recommend this pair!👍

Kiss me Batman
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Yep... I am one of those who fantasizes about Batman kissing Robin! So when I saw this, I went nuts! Thanks Metroguy for making this!!!❤️❤️❤️

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Posted by Sam Caoile on

It all started as a teenager when I had an experiment like most young people do. Then we try to hide those experiences. Until the truth eventually comes out (pun intended). Like a lot of people, I experimented with a guy friend sexually as a teenager. You heard the phrase “I kissed a guy and I liked it?” Well, I loved it and knew I was secretly attracted to boys growing up; even though I was afraid to tell anyone because I grew up in a conservative Christian family in the bible belt. As I entered my 20s the attraction grew. There were men I was interested in but didn’t pursue because I hadn’t come to terms with it yet. I had a burning desire to want to come out but I tried to overcome it. I even tried marrying a woman because I wanted a traditional family so bad because it was my responsibility to have a son. After Jennifer Knapp came out about a decade ago and started her ministry, my marriage fell apart and it became really hard to hide who I was. On top of that, I made a couple of best friends who were female who picked up on our shared interests in men. I also ran across a video on YouTube and Netflix about country singer Cheley Wright coming out to her community and how accepting they were even with their Christian faith. I became even more attracted to men and couldn’t hide it anymore. I came out in a support group and the overwhelming support made it even harder to go back into the closet. The only thing next was the “clobber verses” that seemed to go against same-sex love. The original word in 1 Corinthians 6:9 was effeminate and was referring to how society was being emasculated by an elite (sound familiar). Homosexuality was declared to be an abomination in the Torah but so were a host of other things that we do. If it’s a sin it’s no different than anything else and if it’s genuine love for the same-sex partner then it is no longer a sin. Most conservative Christians agree with this. Think David and Jonathan. If God did “hate” homosexuality then keep in mind that God’s ways are higher than man’s and biblical hate just means “to love less than”. Homosexuality is technically against divine law but that is because of the need to procreate. It is an acceptable part of human nature as long as we don’t go sleeping around and act in love for others. Kurt Cobain was quoted in his song All Apologies as saying “everyone is gay”. Even Psychology Today published an article that basically said homosexuality isn’t fluid and 80% of people are neither gay nor straight. By the way, this pisses off most people I would say there is truth to it.

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