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Camo Freak
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Im a total camo freak! And i like that they have an all camo collection. Easier for me to find what i am looking for. The tank top is a bit too tight so I suggest you order a size bigger. The swim trunks fits perfectly tho! Its one sexy swim trunks too i gotta say

Skull Sneakers
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This Skull sneakers are dope! The gold skull and zipper accent makes it one of a kind. I also like its convertible front. Totally recommend this pair!👍

Kiss me Batman
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Yep... I am one of those who fantasizes about Batman kissing Robin! So when I saw this, I went nuts! Thanks Metroguy for making this!!!❤️❤️❤️

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A Message to YOU

Posted by Arc Azuela on

A Message to YOU


Pride Month has just concluded and another year of laughter and success has come for our worldwide community to usher happiness to the world. It is true; acceptance is now a notch higher as people are becoming more open-minded, respectful and supportive for equality of human rights.

We are becoming bigger and stronger by the minute. New stories, current and old ones strengthen the bonds in societies that both nurture and hinder our existence. As we celebrate this month full of pride and joy, we continuously evolve to try new ways and better things to make ourselves worthy of the respect we ask from everyone.

In our pursuit to discover ways to color this world, we bring forth challenges and opportunities to every matter involved, no matter how high the stakes are. Yet this keeps me grounded and proud of being LGBTQ+. Organizations and institutions on a global scale are sending inspirations of support by waving our rainbow flag. It is our role to bring this pride as a badge of honor to endure our current strife for acceptance. We will continue to fight for our rights as human beings. If not in our time, then at least the future looks gleaming and full of sunshine from here.

Amidst our advocacies there are still countries out there who deny our very own existence. We continue to hope that light may shine upon their paths to uphold humanity as it is. Through the power of social media, we bloom like flowers in every group, sector and industry showing what and how we can do as functional components to better our marginal societies. 

We are everywhere, not to be scorned, but to be loved and be respected the way we deserve.

No matter how young a person start to question his/her gender identity; we praise the organizations who help our questioning individuals find their ways from transition into full bloom.

To those who are still unaware of our actuality, we implore your understanding by reading through the glossary of key terms of the Trevor project (https://www.thetrevorproject.org/trvr_support_center/glossary/).

Upon your acquiescence, gain visual insights of how wide the gender spectrum is (https://broadlygenderphotos.vice.com/).

Our message is loud and complicated. It will take a thousand beats of heart for one to understand how it is like to be us by not stepping into the realm of our stilettos. However, one by one, we will conquer to help the oppressed; the ones with depression that is far beyond cure.

The only message we want to hear is respect. Hurtful words will always be sharp swords. Help us stop the bleeding by giving us the equal rights we deserve.







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